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April 13th, 2010 N.S.S.E.C. Meeting @ Cloquet V.F.W.

President Danielson gave the Treasures Report of $3,759.73 Checking, and $3,493.68 Savings. Last expenses being P.O. Box payment and 2010 taxes paid, which represented the only expenditures at that point for 2010 since January.  

                                   It was also reported that at this time there was 55 paid 2010 members. Member suggested contacting unpaid 2009 members to notify them of the need to renew to attempt to raise membership numbers as last year numbers were near 140, versus the 55 that we currently have.  President Danielson stated he would talk with Secretary Swanson about contacting expired 2009 members. It was also briefly discussed different membership policies held by different clubs of new members being sponsored by current members, caping membership, higher membership fee for members who don't want to give a volunteer work day, and a lower fee for members that are willing to log at least one day each season. All membership issues were decided to be tabled for possible discussion at a larger attended future meeting.

                                  Member explained that he placed several yardage markers out on the ranges indicating the different yardages for shooters. It was also discussed and agreed that we should look into windage flags for the ranges.

                                  It was brought up having a outdoor bulletin board to display notices and such under a protective plexi glass or such cover. Member stated he would look into possibly building one for the club.

                                  It was also discussed replacing the PVC target stand piping with metal piping to cut down on maintenance and any damage that is possible to PVC.  It was decided that whatever piping was used it should remain the system it currently is of sliding the piping into the ground to be able to slide piping out to clean out, and any permanent type of cemented in system would have several down sides to maintaining and replacing. Member stated he would look into the appropriate size metal piping, and he would have the ability to cut it to size if needed. 

                                 It was also discussed about the possibility of the club obtaining a storage unit for the storage of club maintenance equipment, the club mower, and supplies, allowing for the remodeling work of the current garage into more of a club house type usage building.  It was discussed that it wouldn't take that much work or resources to turn the garage into an event club house.  It was decided that President Danielson would look into gathering a couple possible prices for storage units as that would be the first step in the process and the idea can be discussed further at a future meeting.

                                 Meeting Adjourn at approximately 8:00p.m.


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